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At first, the reader is taken aback, since seeing images paired with texts almost automatically causes the reader to take the words that come from the mouth of the cartoon McCloud less seriously.

I can tell that Scott McCloud thinks that he is terrifically important and probably a genius, but, as often happens to me, I was willing to believe that at least he was smart enough to have earned the right to talk about all of this.

I think as creators we are constantly negotiating how we use this principle based on our design needs.

Scott Mccloud's Understanding Comics to&nbspEssay

He believes that more adult readers and literary critics would accept comics as an art form, similar to the written word, film, music, and theater, if it were made more sophisticated and appealing.

His talk of body language and character design are things that could be applied to almost any artistic medium, as well as some of the discussion of writing and image choice. McCloud believes that comics have been in existence for centuries, although many great works of art are erroneously categorized as other art forms instead of comics.

More interesting to me was the explanation of the mechanism of comics and how they work on the human brain, like the gutter in between panels and the visual language of comics. This abstraction is the power of the written word.

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Download this Essay in word format. McCloud also introduces the concept of closure, or the means by which comics readers interpret the events that invisibly occur within the gutter, or space between individual panels in a comic.

The smiley face however is understood wide and far to be a symbol for a smiling human face. The reason that this type of popularity is spurned is because of the fears of mass production of written material.

More than just a scholarly analysis of the art form, it points the way to possibilities, giving inspiration to those wishing to explore the wonderful continent of sequential art.

Download this Essay in word format. Understanding Comics has been translated into 16 languages, excerpted in textbooks, and its ideas applied in other fields such as game design, animation, web development, and interface design.

Ample examples of each transition type, panel shape, and line style show the reader how each feature potentially adds a different element to the images portrayed. McCloud believes that comics have been in existence for centuries, although many great works of art are erroneously categorized as other art forms instead of comics.

The Ideas of Scott McClouds Understanding Comics - Essay Example

But as the analysis evolves, the reader begins to question his or her own assumptions as to why this is the case. I was apprehensive at first since you really have to scrape to find a negative review of Understanding Comics.

Everyone who can read the word has an understanding of the concept of a smile, and in one short stroke broad all encompassing meaning is conveyed.Understanding Comics Homework Help Questions. Which characteristics of comics can be seen in Maus by Art Spiegelman, and how is the mood or Art Spiegelman's Maus uses comic.

As a comics enthusiast, a filmmaker, and animator choosing to read Scott McCloud’s “Understanding comics” (finally) was almost a no-brainer. Prior to actually reading the book I knew it was a seminal work among comic artists, graphic novelists, and anyone who has ever had to work with.

Understanding Comics Summary & Study Guide

“Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics, is a must read for any true connoisseur of comics. Don’t let its entertaining format fool you -- it’s an in depth look at what makes the comics. Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" to David Kunzel's "The Early Comic Strip" Comparing Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics to David Kunzel's the Early Comic Strip read REAL books," proclaims a graphic image of the author and academic Scott McCloud from the pages of his book entitled Understanding Comics (McCloud 1).

Comics With Scott Mccloud Scott Mccloud's View Paper Comics with Scott McCloud Scott McCloud's illustrated work of non-fiction is an unusually clever. the techniques, philosophy, and interpretation of comics.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Whenever there is a discussion or an exchange of messages concerning comics or visual narratives, one name crops up again and again – Scott McCloud.

Scott mccloud understanding comics essay
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